Sunnyview Garden Center of Troy, Missouri


Our Garden Center Offers Quality Plants for Your Home Landscaping

Sunnyview offers high quality plants and materials. Our baskets have wire hangers, not plastic. Plastic hangers denature in a few weeks of sun and crack. Our basket sizes are what we say they are: 10 inch baskets are really 10 inch, 12 inch are really 12 inch. 

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We add slow release fertilizer to our pots and baskets to ensure a continuing supply of nourishment for the plants. All you have to do is water them, for a lasting display.
Our flats are not the slimlines. They are full and deep. Over the years this type has demonstrated, for the responsible grower, the ability to repeatedly produce the best results. Why? Because in smaller containers, the plants often become root-bound a long time before they ship. The grower saves money with small containers and less fill, but the product suffers. The small amount of fill retains very little moisture. The plants can dry out in just an hour or two. They may arrive distressed from even an hour two in shipment. There is insufficent fill around the roots to buffer them and assist the transition when the plants are put in the local soil. 



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